Studio 44

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Studio44 was founded in 2002 by a group of Stockholm-based artists with the aim of creating an independent, non-commercial space for contemporary art. It is a dynamic organisation, characterised by its openness to different forms of expression. Today it includes 29 visual artists who manage the space together and show their own work on a regular basis, as well as invite other artists to participate in themed exhibitions. This process is organic and democratic, allowing different approaches to exist side by side.

Studio44 also works with a curatorial focus, producing exhibitions that make connections between the members' work and a wider artistic community. In recent years studio44 has collaborated with Pride Festival (SE), Montanaberlin (DE), Alt-cph (DM), Fiberart (SE), UND#5 (DE) and (SE). Some exhibitions have been showed at other galleries and artcenters as a result of cooperations and exchanges.

At Supermarket - Storytelling in the top of my head, Karin Häll, Andréa Hösel

At studio44 - Jenny *1910 †2006, Terese Bolander, Kristina Stark och Nanna de Wilde
projectroom - Michael Ellburg

Karin Häll: "rug", installation, 2010
Andréa Hösel: "pattern", wallpainting, 2010
Andréa Hösel: "attracting the workingspirit", sculpture, 2010
Andréa Hösel: "needles", object, 2010
Karin Häll: "element", installation, 2010
Karin Häll: "cord", installation, 2010
Andréa Hösel: "reflection", installation, 2010
Karin Häll: "coffeeroses", installation, 201o
Karin Häll: "under the table", installation, 2010