Warsaw, Poland

Siewierskiej 6
02-360 Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland

Norbert Delman (born in 1989) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw from the studio of Mirosław Bałka. In his multidisciplinary practice, he attempts to illustrate the anxieties and tensions experienced by himself as well as by his peers, addressing such notions as competition, uncertainty and risk. He is also an experimenting curator,
co-founder of Stroboskop art space in Warsaw. His works have been presented at the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw 2014, MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts in Debrecen 2011, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop 2014, Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow 2013. He received a scholarship Residency for a Polish Artist ESW, Edinburgh, UK 2014, Residence program InterModem in Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts in Debrecin, Hungary 2011 and Residence prgoram WRSW | BRLN 2016. Scholar of the Minister of Culture 2016. He also participate in „Park Rzeźby na Bródnie” with Museum of Modern ART in Warsaw 2016
Franciszek Buchner (born 1985) – photographer, graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan. His works have been exhibited,at many important institutions, including the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (group show Lest the Two Seas Meet, 2015), Bęc Zmiana New Culture Foundation in Warsaw (solo shows Things Artsts Own, 2015 and Architecture of the 21st century 2011), Raster Gallery in Warsaw (group show Salon of New Photography, 2016). In 2012 Franciszek displayed his photographs at the 10th edition of SURVIVAL Art Review in Wroclaw (2012). Between 2010 and 2014 he collaborated with Czułość Gallery where he has presented his solo show Birds, fish, rats (2014). He lives and works in Warsaw.