Storm And Drunk

Madrid, Spain

Calle Travesía de Encomoenda 3, 28012
28012 Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Storm And Drunk is an experimental art space – run by artist Raisa Maudit – interested in subversive, experimental, punkqueer, playful, and hybrid dialogues within contemporary artistic practices. At Supermarket 2018 we present works that have been, are going to be, or are just possibilities at S.A.D. Through the works of Andrés Senra, Mar Reykjavic, and Raquel G. Ibañez we explore the relation of the body as a space of political research with artworks that unfold and surround the practices of performance from sexuality, sports, failure, and technology. We present the stand as a comfortable bubble where you can dig into the works of the artists and read several publications by artists such as David Crespo, Raisa Maudit, Alvaro Chior, and others that reflect the Storm And Drunk spirit.

Mar Reykjavic "My body. The rules"
Raquel G. Ibáñez "To come to know everything do not want to know anything in anything"
Andres Senra "Guided tour to cruising area "

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