Small Projects

Tromsø, Norway

Grønnegata 23
9008 Tromsø
Tromsø, Norway

Small Projects is an artist-run initiative located in the city of Tromsø. It began as a nomadic art and community project in Manila, The Philippines, involving a group of artists, filmmakers, writers, poets and activists from the University of the Philippines. Now relocated to Tromsø since 2011, it has consistently exhibited more women than men, representing more than 40 countries. We acknowledge that we are on Sámi territory, provide an inclusive environment, support and encourage diversity of form, practice and conception. Small Projects is housed in an award-winning building owned by the Norwegian Sami Reindeer Herding Association and it aims to be a leader in the dissemination of experimental and contemporary artistic practice in Tromsø and the Norwegian Arctic Circle.

Eva Faché, untitled, photograph, 2023
Jet Pascua, ‘Apparition #1’, digital photograph, 100 x 85 cm, 2023

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