Stockholm, Sweden

Mälarvarvsbacken 32
11733 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

We are located on Långholmen, an idyllic island in the center of Stockholm. An old charming red house with a gallery, studios and a large garden for exhibitions, projects, and meetings. Run by 12 professional artists. Slipvillan offers 1-3 months long residencies for artists. Apply now! "Garden of ... dreams" at Supermarket. Wild and labyrinthic with art by the association's members, nestled among the branches. Fostering artistic freedom and environmental awareness in the untamed undergrowth of today’s political turmoil. Envision seeding, caring, and deciding the fate of plants – distinguish weeds from valuable contributors – all while nurturing and making choices that are in tune (or not) with a bigger picture. This summer, art and dreams will continue to grow in our garden.

Laetitia Deschamps Fåhraeus
Galina Davydtchenko
Björn Olsén
Emma Göransson
Susanne Högdahl Holm
Rikard Fåhraeus

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