Groningen, Netherlands

Winschoterkade 10
9711 EA Groningen
Groningen, Netherlands

SIGN, a projectspace for young artists, initiates production of new work. The activities organised in its space and elswhere are interdisciplinary, experimental, with attention to contexts. SIGN presents A WAY, a travel performance/installation by young artists Lily Dollner & Olivier Arts. Their challenging foot journey started 28/2 in Groningen (NL) and will finish at Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm (SE) where the results of the hike are presented. “An object cannot be more important than an experience”.‘Taking a treadmill on a hiking trip: 1187 km, we seek to challenge this assertion of Hamish Fulton In our neo-primitive nomadic approach we will embrace our hunter-gatherer survival instincts, as anarcho-primitivism advocates for, without denying modern technological advantages’...

food infusion, Photo: Enrica Arbia
Incognito, Photo: Enrica Arbia
Olivier Arts & Lily Dollner, Photo: Enrica Arbia
gear Lily Dollner & Olivier Arts, Photo: Enrica Arbia
treadmill, Photo: Enrica Arbia
A WAY; a project by Olivier Arts & Lily Dollner, Photo: Enrica Arbia