Groningen The Netherlands, Netherlands

Winschoterkade 10
9711 EA Groningen
Groningen The Netherlands, Netherlands

Koos Buster Stroucken (1991, Amsterdam NL) : ''My work portrays the search for a certain “doltish perfection” or something trivial that could also be celebrated. When I have an idea, I start sketching as a first step into the process. I also like to see them as potential finished works, fully established within the sketch phase. The innocence and messiness of a quick sketch has elements I like to see returned in a final piece”. Ceramics associate with preciousness, wealth, antique, vulnerability. Stroucken refers f.i. to ‘Delfts Blue’, traditional ceramics, which stands also for rich Dutch history, and questionable ‘Golden age’. By using ceramics in this way his work shows a friction: a combination of celebration, frustrations and anger. Like a comment on all kind of issues of modern society, depending on personal (dis)likes.

Koos Buster Stroucken: crate with bottles
Fire Extinguisher, Koos Buster Stroucken
Koos Buster Stroucken: scooter in public space
Koos Buster Stroucken: detail wall
Koos Buster Stroucken: Cleaning Trolly
Koos Buster Stroucken with helmet and other ceramics

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