Helsinki, Finland

SIC was founded in 2010 by nine artists. The aim is to create a new exhibition space in Helsinki that will serve not only as a gallery but also like a Kunsthalle or a cultural centre. The first year exhibition program consists of nine one-person exhibitions and two group exhibitions. In addition to the exhibition program the idea is to use the space for a variety of relevant events.

The space is run by a producer hired by the group and is supported by foundations and sponsors.

Timo Vaittinen, Looking At the Moon, 2011
Laura Wesamaa, Installation View
Muriel Lässer, oil on canvas, 85 x 85 cm, 2011
Karri Kuoppala, oil on canvas, 2011
Sauli Sirviö, From the Series" Still Learning From Mistakes" "Untitled" 2010
Maija Luutonen, It Is the Sound of the Opportunist Knocking, acrylic on paper, 120 cm X 140 cm, 2010
Kalle Leino, Profeetta Daniel, 2011
Olli Keränen, Satellite No. 1, installation in three parts, video and sculptural elements, installation view from Fabrikken For Kunst og Design, Copenhagen, 2011
Konsta Ojala, Freddy with hash syringes, pencil on paper, 150x160cm

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