Seattle, WA USA, United States of America

3931 S. Ferdinand St
98118 Seattle
Seattle, WA USA, United States of America

We see dreaming like artmaking: In our dreams we process memories and experiences in the subconscious space, where the usual rules of physical reality and cultural norms do not apply. Cluster began as a social group to allow a diverse group of female artists a chance to connect and support one another. Many of us had belonged to artist-run spaces where the interactions were mainly about the mechanics and economics of running the space. Yet what we had been seeking in the collective experience was discussing art and artmaking; hashing out ideas; collaborating on work; feedback and critique. So driven by the idea that a collective is about the people not the place, we decided to prioritize community over gallery operations, exhibiting in alternative spaces and through exchanges.

Carolyn Autenrieth
Rosalie Frankel
Stephanie Hargrave
June Sekiguichi
Dawn Endean

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