SF Artists Alumni

San Francisco, United States of America

90405 Santa Monica
San Francisco, United States of America


SF Artists Alumni (SFAA) is an international artist-run nonprofit representing the alumni of the recently closed San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), an institution with 150+ years of history renowned for its rich legacy of innovation in contemporary fine arts. SFAA aims to continue this legacy by fostering the exchange of ideas, teaching, and producing artist-curated exhibitions. ‘Fever Dreams’ explores the surreal nature of today's political landscape. Amidst our constant information barrage, the outlines of truth and reality have become ever more indistinct. The exhibition delves into this dark underbelly of contemporary life, where reality and deceit intertwine. The exhibition includes work by Adrian L. Burrell, Linda Connor, Daniel Davidson, Eleni Exarchou, Karen Finley and more.

Bruce Pollack
Sandra Ramos
Daniel Davidson
Karen Finley
Ramon Quanta Churruca
Eleni Exarchou

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