Scotty Enterprises

Berlin, Germany

Oranienstrasse 46
10969 Berlin
Berlin, Germany

The artist-run project space is located in Berlin, Kreuzberg, and organized by 14 artists. Scotty Enterprises provides an open platform for its member artists and curators as well as for guests, offering the greatest possible freedom while exploiting group potential to a maximum. Intermedia and interdisciplinary solo and group exhibitions are shown at regular intervals, and performances and film evenings are organized. The focus is on contemporary social and cultural-political issues. Scotty Enterprises operates independent of the market – it is self- determined and non-hierarchical. Above and beyond the work in this space in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the members of Scotty Enterprises initiate and organize supra-‚Ä®regional and international cooperation with other similar project spaces, strengthening the position of artists working autonomously through nationwide visibility and networking. Despite the members‘ pronounced individuality, they share a desire to create new opportunities for artistic actions and ideas. The vitality of Scotty Enterprises arises from the consistent, self-determined implementation of democratic agreement among members during the planning and realization of projects.

Flirting professionally
The art world lives on relationships. But how apparent are these relations, how reliable the connections? We know that those friendships are often the key to the system, however, those keys are seldom obvious.
For Supermarket, we will develop a visual concept which puts the underlying interrelationships on display.
Each of us will invite an artist friend (e.g. a visual artist, a writer, a musician etc.) to collaborate with us during the time of the art fair. Those connections will be represented through the exhibition design at our booth.
Social networks like Facebook and Instagram have certainly increased the use of the word "friend" and "follower" and put its former meaning in question. The newest trend are public rankings of friends, which show with whom one communicates most, and directly links the quantity of contact to relevance. It has become common practice to publicly follow and watch each other.
While social networks show virtual profiles, our show at Supermarket will be tangible, real encounters will be possible. "Flirting professionally" is of course as much statement as strategy: We look forward to a lively discussion with our current and future artist friends, gallerists, collectors, visitors and of course all the other participants of the Supermarket art fair.