Scala Trun

Trun, Switzerland

Via Dual 10
7166 Trun
Trun, Switzerland

Scala Trun is an artist initiative. Its goal is to give place for an exchange of regional cultural creation with national and international guests. We want to create possibility for the public to get to know local art and get into contact with national and international art and music. We are interested in a harmonic exchange of participation and submission. With our interventions as exhibitions, concerts, readings and talks we want to actively be part of the discussion whether a village needs art and music and what their value is or could be for place and population. We are convinced of the importance of art and music for the region as a link to the outside world.

Twilight describes the zone between day and night, the intermediate between the busy working day and the calm night. Twilight is like a daily repeating glitch in a computer game, a moment where one thing is ending and a new one is starting – a space of shifting, dying and growing at the same time. It is not a sharp break but a soft zone of transformation. – Something that seems to describe the time we are in right now.
Scala Trun is an art space based in the Swiss mountains founded and operated by Quirina Lechmann and Gianin Conrad. Our art space is in a former textile factory in Trun, a small village in the Swiss Alps. Though the art space is very Alpine and in the middle of nowhere, it is also very central in Europe: Milan and Zurich are about 2 hours away, Munich about 4 and Paris about 6. That is the reason why we are, in a true Swiss sense, interested in the exchange between the urban and remote, the periphery and the centre. Scala Trun is an artist-run space, showing contemporary art and performance. Our interest lies in creating links between various places. Another concern of Scala Trun is the Alpine region with its cultural significance and peculiarity.

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