Salón/Alimentación 30

Madrid, Spain

C/ Guillermo Rolland, 3, 1º I
28013 Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Tegmark Gathering
Salón + Alimentación 30
Recently, some gravitational waves caused by the singularity named Big Bang, have been detected by a group of international scientists, which deform space-time explaining that there are multiple universes parallel to ours. The M theory, one of the most innovative theories on this subject identifies 11 dimensions in total. The cosmologist Max Tegmark (Sweden, 1967) has been the one who has made a taxonomy for this universes in four different levels, beyond the observable universe by humans.
Tegmark Gathering is a show of two parallel universes that belong to the city of Madrid: Salón and Alimentación 30, converging into a single space-time: the art fair Super Market. It is this singularity (a point in space-time in which the curvature of space-time becomes infinite) where diverse physical appearance belonging to different artistic latitudes get together: Spain, Guatemala and Peru.
A gathering of four artists as the four levels of Tegmark: Rubén M. Riera (Spain, 1983) his work questions the different models of representation through painting; Clara Sanchez Sala (Spain, 1987) develops connections between scientific and technological data from a poetic point of view; Maya Saravia (Guatemala, 1984) reveals, through drawing, abstractions on a flat surfaces and Juan Diego Tobalina (Peru, 1982) fluctuates between showing and hiding the intermittently reality through site-specific interventions.
Tegmark Gathering is a curatorial project by Bernardo Sopelana.

Grafolitos. Clara Sánchez Sala. Transfer on stones. Variable dimensions
Rubén M. Riera. De naturaleza confusa
Maya Saravia. Irak 2003
Juan Diego Tobalina. Maremagnum