S_truggling Art Space

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong


S_truggling Art Space is an independent self-organised structure, co-founded by Hong Kong artists Jessie Tam and Tianyi Zheng in 2021, growing from the art project “The Curse and the Spells of the Struggling Artists” by Jessie in 2021. Taking the form of a consultation office, we wait for artists and audiences to check their pulse. If “Artists are stars in the sky some are seen some are not seen”, we invite artists to create magic spells to embrace our struggles, difficulties and failures encountered as little stone that kicks us a bit. To forge a critical understanding of the art world’s subconscious that is influenced by but also shaping the power dynamics and social relationships, we work with peer artists in search for our own positions within/ without the art system.

Jessie Tam and Tianyi Zheng, ‘Will You Pick Me Up Tomorrow?’ (video still), single channel video, color, sound, performance, 15’ 31”, 2021
Jessie Tam, ‘Artist MeMe’, digital poster, words, iron board, sponge, beads, leftover fabric, paper, diary, mixed-media, installation, dimension variable, 2021

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