S. Y. L . A. N T E N H E I M

Bonn, Germany

Maxstraße 55
53111 Bonn
Bonn, Germany


The S. Y. L. A. N T E N H E I M is the ART SUPPLY VENUE in Bonn, Germany. You can get S.Y.L.A. (Support Your Local Art) without any conditions. Everyone can occupy the space for the meaning of art. The concept was initiated by DEMECO & PASQUALE in April 2012.

1) Every person, every animal, everything and every community has a right to S.Y.L.A in the sense of art, i.e. the right to use the gallery space temporarily.
2) After submitting an ‘Sylapplication’ a temporary residence permit is granted in principle.
3) Residence requirement does not exist.
4) No. 1 to 3 are in compliance with the artistic freedom of the German Constitution Article 5, paragraph 3.

Sandra Machel / games and cover / 2012
DEMECO&PASQUALE, Ben Beyer / Sich zu Boden stürzen, nur daneben (Fragment) / Fresko on Linen on Alu-Dibond / 2013
Nils Jebe / strange circumstances / Mixed Medai on Linen / 2013