Middelburg, Netherlands

Lange Noordstraat 67
NL-4331 CC Middelburg
Middelburg, Netherlands


Since 1995, exhibitions of contemporary art have been made in CAESUUR, from 1999 on at Lange Noordstraat 67 in Middelburg. Visual arts, in relation with contemporary art discourse, are always the guiding principle for an exhibition, but a historical and social perspective also determine our choices. ruimteCAESUUR stands for the autonomy of art and puts the artist’s oeuvre at the center of organizing its (solo) exhibitions. Young, novice and “arrived” artists are offered a platform to present their work in a non-commercial environment. Meeting and learning from each other play an important role within the annual planning of ruimteCAESUUR. ruimteCAESUUR is a private initiative, without any profit motive, with Willy van Houtum and visual artist Hans Overvliet as its core; they form the board of the CAESUUR foundation. teamCAESUUR is completed by the artists Jorieke Rottier, Giel Louws and Dani Ploeger. The unique composition of this team crosses borders of art practices, gender, and generations.

At Supermarket 2022 we will present the artworks of Giel Louws and Hans Overvliet.
Their practices all relate to this locality in various ways, in terms of its historical, geographical, and cultural dimensions. ruimteCAESUUR – located in Middelburg, the capital of the province – forms a centre point of their artistic practices, where they often meet and exchange work and ideas.
Throughout the fair, at least two CAESUUR-artists will be present.

Hans Overvliet This multiple of a melting ice bullet is presented as a gift to the visitors of Supermarket 2022. DISTANT SUFFERING XI | i.d. of a shared bullet, melting ice bullet in high borosilicate glass 25 ml. with cork, label, 2021, photo: Jochem Weststrate
Giel Louws, ‘Stone collection’, mixed media, 100 x 75 x 40 cm, 2022, photo: Giel Louws.
Giel Louws, ‘Cabinet of curiosities’, mixed media, 200 x 75 x 30 cm, 2021, photo: Giel Louws.
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