Roundabout Collective

Munich , Germany

Adalbertstraße 11
Helene-Mayer-Ring 7B, apt-1370
80799 Munich
Munich , Germany

Roundabout is a young artists collective which, throughout its evolution, is now facing a state of puberty.
Roundabout has never been to an art fair, has not yet known that glory. The collective has mainly been focussing on a space in Munich where many exhibitions, discussions, critical meetings, performances, and lectures have taken place. It has grown from these enriching experiences and now wants to see more.
Roundabout wants to know what people are experiencing while buying art. Looking at art. Presenting, or discussing art. Is the experience any different from selling and buying potatoes?
You can sell potatoes when you grow them, but how can you run a gallery or project space when you are making art yourself? What different qualities (as we assume there are) does an artwork have in comparison with a potato?
Roundabout wants to see and learn - and wants to be there where things are happening. It will investigate, ask questions, discuss and argue (to find out the TRUTH. Make up a NEW TRUTH and convince the others). /or/ in order to one day become sustainable artists and sustain each other.
Roundabout doesn’t want artists to sell potatoes.
We kindly ask you to give us the chance to have this EXPERIENCE.
And possibly you will want us to be there again when we grow up.
Roundabout collective

Round_02 - 15 METERS OF ME by Diogo da Cruz
Round_03 - NUTZER by guest artist Maxi Wagner
Round_04 - WHAT HAPPENED AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN by Guida Miranda and Hyunsung Park
Round_06 - TRIP TRAP by Rebecca und Diana Thumb v. Neuburg
Round_07 - WHAT TO DO WITH WHAT HAS BEEN by Gaisha Madanova
Round_10 - ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT group exhibition

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