Berlin, Germany

rosalux – the Berlin-based art office – is located near Brunnenstraße in Berlin-Mitte. The private initiative is named after the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, an urban interface between two creative districts of Berlin, Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. rosalux exhibits works of conceptual and performance artists who have not had the opportunity to present themselves in Berlin so far, projects rarely seen in commercial galleries, because they are at the intersection of design and politics, arts and dance/theatre/music. It is the basic aim of rosalux to work in a concrete manner, thus questioning the conventions of the art market and also individual artistic practice. The merits of the city of Berlin, such as urban space and a curious public, have induced us to take our destinies into our own hands. It is the aim of our exhibition projects to initiate a process of reflection and an open dialogue with the artists. At the beginning of the project in 1999, rosalux was an internet platform which included an area of art consulting and a production sector for digital art. Here we should mention, among other things, our work for David Hardy, London and Laura Shaeffer, Chicago. Furthermore, at that time we also realized web projects, such as the “Pizza Project” (curated by Jota Castro) for the ZAC Show in the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (Museum for Modern Art in Paris).

Over the course of time we have, however, concentrated more and more on exhibitions.
Since the year 2007, in which we resumed our work after a break, rosalux held 22 events (exhibitions, performances, video screenings, etc.) with some 60 artists. These were mainly Portuguese artists – a main focus of our work -, since we are of the opinion that the diversity and innovation of Portuguese art has not yet been sufficiently recognized in Germany and internationally. rosalux works in several venues in Berlin and have a special cooperation with Storyhotel***** in the Wedding district, the home of many Berlin-based artist-run-places. 

Jaecki Lindenau (press & communication) and Tiny Domingos (artist and managing curator)

“Labirinto”, Mixed media on paper, 2011, Tiny Domingos, photo: t.d.
“Projected space”, installation (wood), 2011, Tiny Domingos, photo: t.d.
“Title”, Project Space. Display 1, 2011, Space installation, Tiny Domingos and Hans Kuiper, photo: t.d.
“Time table”, Installation, 2011, Tiny Domingos, photo: t.d.
Unidentifying Bruce, 2 dia secs, fotocollage from found web 2.0 material, 2011, Anna Bromley, Photo: a.b.
Unidentifying Bruce, 2 dia secs, fotocollage from found web 2.0 material, 2011, Anna Bromley, Photo: a.b.

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