Kunstverein Familie Montez

Frankfurt, Germany

Honsellbrücke am Hafenpark
Honsellstraße 7
60314 Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt, Germany


The Kunstverein Familie Montez e. V.. is an official art association/artspace which exhibits contemporary art based in Frankfurt am Main. Founded in 2007 by Mirek Macke and Anja Czioska at the Städelhofes. Kunstverein Familie Montez organizes group and solo shows, talks,performances,filmshowings, micro residencies,fashion shows and music events. Since 2018 KVFM has created an Archive of works donated by Hermann Nitsch that forms the foundation of the Archive of Contemporary Performance.

KVFM Supermarket Trilogy 2019
Sound & Vision
KVFM presents 2019 diverse Installations (film/sound/live)documenting Visual Performances 2018 Fashion/Action Art/Music - from Argentina,Cuba,Austria,Russia, Poland and Germany - Micro Residency Programme curated by Mirek Macke and Elizabeth Coleman-Link.
Live performances within the space, showing work from Jagoda Szmytka (Polish Performance artist and Composer based in Frankfurt), Video Visuals by Christoph von Loew and Radio loop by Elizabeth Coleman-Link, and Puschan Mousavi Malvani.
We are also showcasing our Residency Artists, Knölkollektivet, and special guest:Performance + films by Gio Montez - Atelier Montez Rome and new additions to our Familie Montez.
Using our contacts from our past collaborations with Stockholm based art spaces and galleries we would create a Micro Montez Event in spaces around the City.

Puschan Mousavi Malvani
Familie Montez Xmas
Gio Montez - Atelier Montez Photography Mirek Macke
Jagoda Szmytka - Performance Artist Poland/ DE
Hermann Nitsch Archive
Hermann Nitsch 80 years.