Kunstverein Familie Montez

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Honsellbrücke am Hafenpark
Honsellstraße 7
60314 Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Kunstverein Familie Montez e.V. is an official art association/artspace/collective that exhibits contemporary independent art as well as organising talks, book presentations, performances, film screenings, summer schools, and music events. Founded in 2007 by Mirek Macke and Anja Czioska, the ‘Lola Montez’, has become a fixture of the Frankfurt independent off-space scene. Since 2014 it has resided under the Honsellbrücke, in two newly renovated arches of the bridge, directly on the rivers. After Supermarket 2017 Elizabeth Coleman-Link initiated the Montez Micro Residency Programme which invites artists to make new works in a temporary space - The White House at the Kunstverein. In 2018 we show video/photographic material from Hermann Nitsch’s Action Art and an edition of New Generation Performance Artists from Germany/Sweden/Austria/Cuba/Poland.

Red Salt - Montez Micro Residency
Honsellbrücke - KVFM
Team Polaroid - Frankfurter Kunst Sommer
Rebecka Pershagen - Montez Micro Residency
Living famous dreams - KVFM
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