Rajatila Gallery

Tampere, Finland

Hämeenpuisto 10
33500 Tampere
Tampere, Finland


Rajataide Association is a non-profit organization formed in 1996 to serve art and artists. Our focus is on artists at the beginning of their professional careers. Our guiding principle is that the association mirrors its active members, who can use the association as a project group to realize their ideas. Rajataide gathers together people who want to increase the visibility of art: we have over a hundred members who are all visual artists or other professionals and students from the field of arts and culture. Rajataide Association has been running Gallery Rajatila since 1997. The gallery displays contemporary visual art and serves as a platform for various multidisciplinary events. The exhibition program for the gallery is selected through an open application process. The association and the gallery exist to enliven the art scene of Tampere and to increase the visibility of new artists. Gallery Rajatila hosts about two dozen solo and group exhibitions on a yearly basis.