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Q. What is queer culture?

A. We are constantly asking this.

Q. Where got queer culture?

A. Got.

Started in 2009, rainbowartsproject (RAP) aims to document, develop and promote queer culture primarily in the visual sector, starting small in Singapore and within the region. RAP is constantly looking into issues relevant to minority groups in particular sexual minorities- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) and social rejects when it comes to being queer and different.

RAP is interested with creative people whose works constantly challenge and question the notion of queer culture. Queer culture for us, is anything involving sexual minorities, gender specific themes, social minorities, sub-cultures and rejected subjects, is still often faced discrimination and rejection from the general public. Particularly in where we are currently based on.

RAP enjoys working with not only practicing artists but also people in general and materialize projects not only in galleries but public spaces. This long-term project is a non-profit initiative hence we are dependent on sponsored public spaces, sponsorship and grants.

Kelvin Atmadibrata, "Pink Triangle", performance, 2011, photo; Juliana Yasmin
Daniela Beltrani, "Trapped", performance, 2011, photo; Grace Jean
Marla Bendini, "Aunty Without Reasons", performance, 2009
Wesley Leon Aroozoo, "Kissing Faces", film, 11", 2010
Ezzam Rahman, "Someday My Prince Will Come", video, 2011
Lee Gwo Yinn, "Straight Acting is when a gay person is not exhibiting any mannerisms", drawings on photocopied image, 21x29.7cm, 2011
Catherine Erica Cheok, "SP/\CE", performance, 2011
Linden Strand, "White Chocolate", photograph, 2010
Kelvin Atmadibrata, "The Barsam, study#1", collage on paper, 21x29.7cm, 2009