Odense C, Denmark

Nørrevoldgade 4 1.1
5000 Odense
Odense C, Denmark


The danish artistgroup Qwerty are investigating values and the conception of luck and games for the project Qwerty Casino. The exhibiton is a variation on the classic casino and will be available for the visitors to participate in. You can play at the roulette, where you bet on ideas of what makes you lucky. At the Black Jack memory game with sad faces there is one happy winner. Or engage in the oldtime favorite random cardgame, War - which has a chaotic ending. The booth will be in green draped curtains, and with a soft and uncanny soundbackdrop playing pophits in disguise, about winning and loosing. A bankier/bodyguard/security host will welcome the audience and keep the values under control. What would you like to win, something for nothing or nothing for something?

Qwerty Casino at Juxtapose in Ã…rhus
Black Jack
Qwerty Casino

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