Odense C, Denmark

Nørrevoldgade 4 1.1
5000 Odense
Odense C, Denmark


STUX Center for Stupid Experiments
The QWERTY research team will invite guests at Supermarket Artfair, for a tour inside the STUX laboratory. During the whole art fair the QWERTY scientists will take turns showing their performative work.
Supermarket will be a perfect forum to collect new data and research results for our projects.

Mikkel Larris with “grrrargh”, Indigo Richards: “Armpit Painting”, John Krogh: “St-One”, Jens Andersen: “Regeneration of former self or otherwise lost person”, Camilla Gaugler: “Different ways of shaping a figure without thinking”, Morten Tillitz “Artists I like - have a look" and Anders Qvist Nielsen: "Super Fuzzy".

STUX at Juxtapose Art Fair DK 2021
STUX at Juxtapose Art Fair DK 2021
St-one/STUX, John Krogh with guests at Juxtapose Art Fair 2021
Armpit Painting/STUX, Indigo Richards with guest at Juxtapose Art Fair 2021
STUX center for STUpid eXperiments, Juxtapose Art Fair Aarhus DK 2021
Super fuzzy/STUX Anders Qvist Nielsen at Juxtapose Art Fair, Aarhus, DK 2021

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