Odense, Germany

Prenzlauer Allee 188
Galerie Kuchling
10405 Berlin
Odense, Germany


QWERTY is a group consisting of 8 artists who have worked together for the last seven years with different kinds of exhibitions. One of the main goals is to meet people with art, instead of the more passive approach of just hanging stuff on the wall.


QWERTY Real Estate Agency.

At Supermarket 2014 QWERTY is a Real Estate Agency.
We will investigate the various aspects of real estate and want to question what it means to own land, property and space.

QWERTY Real Estate Agency also wants to study the idea of purchasing something, and the psychological impact of the exchange.
The objects on display are sale prospects, deeds, houses and photos of land, space and real estate. We will invite visitors to negotiate the value and terms for a trade.

You can find QWERTY Real Estate Agency advertising all over Stockholm.
Every Supermarket should have a Real Estate Agency!

At Supermarket 2014 QWERTY cooperates with Gallerie Kuchling, Berlin: Rolf and Robert Kuchling.

QWERTY Baking, Baking Bread, 2013
QWERTY Real Estate Agency, 2014
Alt_Cop 2013
Foreign Exchange, Supermarket 2012
"What a mess" Hydrogenfabrikken, Frederiksstad, 2013
QWERTY Baking, Baking Bread, 2013
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