Odense, Germany

Prenzlauer Allee 188
Galerie Kuchling
10405 Berlin
Odense, Germany


QWERTY is run by 7 visual artists from Denmark: Anders Qvist, Indigo Richards, Camilla Gaugler, Mikkel Larris, Morten Tillitz, Jens Andersen and John Krogh. QWERTY examines different sorts of working methods and organization. There is no permanent exhibition space. The working platforms are defined by the nature of the specific projects. QWERTY examines exchange, consumerism and the definition of value. QWERTY designs various frameworks for pursuing opportunities to improvise and negotiate with the audience.

QWERTY Baking, Baking Bread, 2013
QWERTY Real Estate Agency, 2014
Alt_Cop 2013
Foreign Exchange, Supermarket 2012
"What a mess" Hydrogenfabrikken, Frederiksstad, 2013
QWERTY Baking, Baking Bread, 2013
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