Odense, Denmark

Odense, Denmark


QWERTY is a group consisting of 8 artists who have worked together for the last seven years with different kinds of exhibitions. One of the main goals is to meet people with art, instead of the more passive approach of just hanging stuff on the wall.


QWERTY Real Estate Agency.

At Supermarket 2014 QWERTY is a Real Estate Agency.
We will investigate the various aspects of real estate and want to question what it means to own land, property and space.

QWERTY Real Estate Agency also wants to study the idea of purchasing something, and the psychological impact of the exchange.
The objects on display are sale prospects, deeds, houses and photos of land, space and real estate. We will invite visitors to negotiate the value and terms for a trade.

You can find QWERTY Real Estate Agency advertising all over Stockholm.
Every Supermarket should have a Real Estate Agency!

At Supermarket 2014 QWERTY cooperates with Gallerie Kuchling, Berlin: Rolf and Robert Kuchling.

QWERTY is a group consisting of 10 artists who have worked together the past 5 years with different kinds of exhibitions.

One of the main goals are to respect and stimulate the individual members art work and simultaneously challenge and develop it, by making new conditions for it.

We exhibit a large range of medias, for example; objects,video,performance, drawing, installation and painting.

QWERTY members are all educated at art academies.
Several members have university degrees in: art history, philosophy and communication.
Members individual C.V. : www.tifinger.dk

25.august 2011 “Foreign Exchange”, "DIALOGUES" – X biennial of contemporary art, The central exhibition Hall “Manege” Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2011 “QWERTY 2011” Gallery igloohous, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2011 “QWERTY 2011” Gallery Konstepedemin, Göteborg, Sweden.
2010 “Mankind, a 100 years from now” Hinterconti, Hamburg, Germany.
2010 “Mankind, a 100 years from now” FIT, Freie Internationale Tankstelle” Copenhagen, DK
2010 “Mankind, a 100 years from now” SUPERMARKET, Stockholm, Sweden.

More QWERTY CV: www.tifinger.dk


The twins, with Elvis and Lenin T-shirts made by a black and a red T-shirt cut in halves and sewn together with the other color. By Mikkel Larris. 2011 photo:Indigo Richards
Jens Andersen painting on incoming/exchanged clothes 2011 photo:Indigo Richards
T-shirt by Anders Qvist Nielsen and tie by Mette Dalsgård. 2011 photo:Indigo Richards
A guest changing clothes. 2011 photo:Indigo Richards
3 guests, trying on clothes.(Coats by Indigo Richards) 2011 photo:Indigo Richards
1 hour after the opening of "Dialogue" in Skt Petersburg,Russia. 2011 photo:Indigo Richards
View of installation: "Foreign Exchange" clothes, hangers, paper, red tape, 2 mirrors, 2 iron bares, exhibition walls, 4 wodden podiums, Danish Vodka, red plastic cups, paint, brushes etc. 2011 photo: Indigo Richards
Guest trying on Per Kjærsgård Jensens "bra". 2011 photo:Indigo Richard
She is going to get married in this dress by Mette Dalsgård. 2011 photo:Indigo Richard