Proyecto Faenza

Bogotá D.C. - Colombia, Colombia

Calle 78 a # 99 b - 21
Villas de Madrigal
110111 Bogotá D.C.
Bogotá D.C. - Colombia, Colombia

Proyecto Faenza is an association of self-managed artists that serves as a platform to support their artistic practices as well as guest artists. The group produces art exhibitions, open studios, cultural and academic events.

Composed by a set of works created by 12 artists members of Proyecto Faenza and guest artists, the exhibition approaches the subject of twilight from humanity’s experience in life and the living world perspectives.
Freedom or unfreedom. Life and death. Real and unreal, the exhibition will have in display pieces of work where humanity in their exercise of living, interpret experiences affected by these concepts including dreams and nightmares, perfection and error, desolation and remembrance, contemplation and silence, humanity’s greatness and their weaknesses.
The living world acting as scenario for interpretations to happen, complements this exhibition by providing to the materialization of the artists visions, a structure for experiences. We will see urban landscapes under permanent change and mutation, objects becoming visible after the exercise of viewing again and again, the tension between space and the baggage that events add to the experience of living and the imagery that arise from the dance of light and balanced out shadows, captured by a photographic lens.
In the context of twilight stages, 6° proposes an exhibition within the civil light, the geometric position of the sun in respect to the horizon, that moment when light is enough for us to distinguish what we see on earth. That same one light where the twilight of live is for some and a crepuscular moment has started for others.

Paul Guerrero, 'Untitled', pencil on paper, 42x26.7 cm, 2023
Mauricio Combariza, 'Bocetos de ciudad' from Bocetos de Ciudad series, 60x70cm, acrylic on canvas, 2023
Fredy Forero, 'Re-Toma 5', digital photography printed on acrylic, 32x38x7cm, 2023
Leonardo Guayán,'MAMO' from the ANDES project, sublimated photography on stone, 18x18x5cm, 2023, Unique edition
Jorge Magyaroff, 'Construcción ligera', cut and assembled paper, sanguine on paper, variable dimensions, 2021
Evelyn Tovar, 'Galeras', metallic leaf on silkscreen, 30.5x70cm, 2021