Seoul, South Korea

402 Youngsang Bld. 567-42
03990 Seoul
Seoul, South Korea


Project Room_Yeonnam is a platform for artists' and curators; run by A.C.S., whose president is Pil Joo Jung, Seoul-based curator, it holds Curator Salon, talk event for curators and art practitioners and Conceptual Yeonnam, artwork-presentation of mostly experimental art.

A.C.S.is holding two kinds of monthly event. One is Curator Salon, which is curators' talk event, the other Conceptual Yeonnam, experimental artists' showcase. The two events are based on mostly artists in South Korea. However, we would like to have a connection with artists and art practitioners abroad.

ByungWook BAE, 'I am Artist or I am not Artist', paper tape installation, performance, 2018
Hye Eun Kwak, 'GongGanZaHwa', Perfume Performance, 2018
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