Lodz, Poland

ul. Przędzalniana 55/6
90-347 Łódź
Lodz, Poland

Place of gathering, place of exchange, place of experimentation. Pracownia Portretu started as the studio of one artist, and became one of a few art-spaces in Łódź for open-minded individuals. Located a former textile industry city, that is now slowly recovering after years of communism, stagnation, and capitalism’s wild expansion, we create and inspire to change the potential in to the real - to break grey and orange bricks and build a comfortable utopia. We are strong enough to prevail. Portrait Studio was established in October 2013. It focuses on presenting the latest achievements in contemporary visual arts. We work closely with guest artists, whose stay in the gallery usually has the character of a short residency resulting in a presentation of new works.

Lauren Hurret Hunter Longe - "Zig zag devil"
Mariusz Sołtysik - "Mikroklimat"
Kasia Stańczak - making of
Sabrina Chou - "Vulgar fractions"
Ghislain Amar - "Lizzy"
Bernd Krauss - "Baloon Me"