Plan B

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Benedenlangs 183 ( studio )
Benedenlangs 183
1015PR Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Plan B is an Amsterdam-based and artist run platform that initiates ad-hoc presentations for professional artists in various stages of their career. Plan B aims to connect various practices and audiences and wants to create a quality alternative alongside more established presentation models by focussing on the artists’ perspective. Experiment, the process of making and relating to specific contexts, are of importance. Since 2006 Plan B has been working on a large number of projects, ranging from solo/group exhibitions, festivals, video screenings, lectures, one-night events, experimental performances, residencies and book presentations.

Monica Tormell- Drum Sticks
Etta Säfve - Disappearance Act , view from studio work in progress.
Monica Tormell-Drum Sticks, close up
Tarja Szaraniec- This Too Shall Pass close up
Jenny Nordberg- 3 to 5 seconds, Pour out a puddle
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