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pietmondriaan.com is a contemporary artblog and exhibition platform founded in 2009.

pietmondriaan.com started as a virtual exhibition space to present a defined selection of artworks chosen by Michiel Huijben and Simon Kentgens. By playfully responding to each other's choices of work, associative connections between different artworks evolve, exploring common correlations within contemporary art.

Over the years, pietmondriaan.com has shown over 1400 artworks of more than 1000 different artists. It is updated on a daily basis. The site functions as a growing database of well known, lesser known and rare images.

Next to the virtual space, pietmondriaan.com serves as a mobile platform for exhibitions. It has curated several group-exhibitions in the Netherlands, such as 'What's the point of giving you anymore artworks?' (KOP Foundation, Breda 2010), 'I want to believe' (NS16, Tilburg 2012) and 'Sorry for not standing still' (Kunstvlaai INexactlyThis, Amsterdam 2012). Extensive documentation is available on the website. pietmondriaan.com welcomes proposals and is open for collaborations.

pietmondriaan.com is Michiel Huijben and Simon Kentgens, with Diana Duta.

Currently based in Berlin, Rotterdam and London.

pietmondriaan.com logo
Screenshot of pietmondriaan.com. Each artwork is a response to the previous one. This creates series of associatively connected works.
Example screenshot of one blogpost on pietmondriaan.com.
Another example screenshot of a single blogpost on pietmondriaan.com. (taken from the previous series)
'What's the point of giving you any more artworks?' Exhibition view at KOP Foundation, Breda (NL) 2010
'I want to believe' Performance evening during Incubate Festival, Tilburg (NL) 2012
'Sorry for not standing still' Continuous film programme during Kunstvlaai INexactlyThis, Amsterdam (NL) 2012