Photographic Centre Peri

Turku, Finland

Östra Strandgatan 38
20810 Turku
Turku, Finland

Photographic Centre Peri is an open meeting place where artists, audience and art professionals in Southwest Finland gather around contemporary lens based art.
Peri's exhibition space is dedicated to show works by local, national and international artists, with emphasis on new and experimental productions. The 102 square meter gallery is situated inside the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, along the river bank in the heart of Turku, the cultural capital of Finland. During its 28 years of existence, Peri has put forth around 300 exhibitions.
Events, such as video screenings, talks, discussions, artist initiated performances and workshops are regularly hosted at Peri. The non-governmental organisation actualises various creative photography projects in the region, maintains a 600 volume library and runs two residency programs focusing on photographic art.
Peri's booth is presenting an experimental jungle of photographic art. Works by artist members Lilli Haapala, Mari Hokkanen, Sade Kahra, Maija Kurki, Timo Marila, Laura Miettinen, Renja Leino, Päivi Setälä, Iiu Susiraja and Julia Weckman are shown, as well as digital portfolios.

From the opening of Timo Marila's exhibition Holiday Memories from Places I Haven’t Visited, 2013
Maija Kurki, Maitosade, silisec och 3D-glasögon, 110 x 120 cm, 2014
Päivi Setälä, from the series The many levels of sensitivity, metal print, ⌀ 40 cm, 2012-2013
Julia Weckman, Plantae II, pigment print, Fotosec, 50 x 40 cm, 2014
View from David Will's exhibition event 2014
Lilli Haapala, (detail from) A Peek, pigment print, 105,5 x 74,5 cm, 2013

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