Örebro, Sweden

Lillå strand
kyrkogatan 13
703 40 Örebro
Örebro, Sweden


Bunkern is an artist studio collective providing two gallery spaces focusing on young visual arts. Bunkern started in 2015 as a platform for young contemporary artists in the Örebro region to work and exhibit their art, and also as an opportunity to showcase artists from other parts of Sweden. Our aspiration is to make Örebro a good and vibrant place for young artists to live. Apart from exhibitions and studio space Bunkern have organised art festivals, workshops, and curatorial work as well as one-off art events and happenings. We are exhibiting Maline Ardesjö who has a masters degree from The Swedish School of Textiles. She lives and works in Bergslagen where she creates worlds of her own from a wide range of materials.

no 5. Björn
no 7. Lo
The ship of Señor Obscuridad
All characters
no 4

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