Patara gallery

Tbilisi, Georgia

First Republic square
underground passageway
0102 Tbilisi
Tbilisi, Georgia

PATARA (meaning 'small' in Georgian) is an artist-run gallery in a tiny window shop beneath one of Tbilisi's many underpasses, surrounded by small kiosks and Persian night clubs. Our intervention in the place of "unpleasant" smell and content provokes art that looks for reality that bears real sense of "real". Looking for honest or political, sweet or rude, cheerful or unconventional, stupid or wild, or "all together" works and nice people, we give a rotating cast of artists, the chance to create installations that people can stumble on as they navigate the city.
Patara Gallery will present four young artists speaking loud about their powers with their artworks. Artists will design their own wall in our booth and present their works as they desire.

Salome Dumbadze - Snow has fallen in the Sahara Desert
Ani Gurashvili- Untitled
tea strazicic - Chrome air
Tea Strazicic - guts for parkingstone

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