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Simrishamn, Sweden

Tjörnedalagården, Baskemölla
272 94 Simrishamn
Simrishamn, Sweden


100 MIGRATORY - an extensive, local and world-wide art project by Monica L Edmondson - explores issues such as identity, origin, allegiance and migration. A hundred glass vessels depart on a return journey, starting in their home in the vast, winter-white mountains of Sápmi - Sameland. From there the vessels migrate on their several journeys to different countries and cultures. How will each one be judged, who will see them and will they return undamaged? Each piece will acquire its own story eager to be told.
The forms of glass vessels, in the project used as a metaphor for ourselves, stress the importance of a secure warm nucleus in the life of every individual. At the same time 100 MIGRATORY argues the value of venturing out of original security in order to gain understanding and respect for otherness.
At Supermarket Art Fair 2022, Tjörnedala konsthall will host an exhibition in which the form, the artwork or the workprocess itself tell a story in which knowledge from generations of Sami women interweave with our society today. Monica will tell one of those stories through the ten glass vessels and images part of 100 MIGRATORY.
Monica L Edmondson studied in Australia before returning to Tärnaby in the north of Sweden. In Monica's work Sami culture converges with international influences, both technically and in concept. She is represented in the permanent collections of a number of museums, including the National Museum Stockholm and the National Gallery of Australia.

Monica L Edmondson, 100MIGRATORY, Photo_Carl-Johan Utsi
Monica L Edmondson, 100MIGRATORY, Photo: Carl-Johan Utsi
Monica L Edmondson, 100MIGRATORY, Photo Carl-Johan Utsi
Monica L Edmondson, 100MIGRATORY, Photo: Carl-Johan Utsi