Ormston House

Limerick, Ireland

9-10 Patrick Street
xxx Limerick City
Limerick, Ireland


Ormston House is a meeting place for the arts in the heart of Limerick City. We opened in 2011 as a Cultural Resource Centre to welcome audiences seeking more maverick and experimental projects. As an agile organisation with an alternative ethos, Ormston House offers an intimate experience with direct access to and interaction between artists, participants and staff. The three pillars of our programme are artistic ambition, professional development and public/community engagement. Our core question is: How can we support artists better? Ormston House is a member of the Artists’ Initiatives Meetings (AIM) Network with 15 European partners, Trans Europe Halles with 127 European partners, and a Council Member of the River//Cities Platform Foundation with 23 European partners.

Ormston House delivers an ambitious programme stimulating questions about regeneration, restoration and conservation in Limerick. We work at the boundary between mainstream contemporary practices and the innovative and experimental. With the support and generosity of a volunteer staff, creative practitioners, visitors and funders, Ormston House acts as a core reference point for the arts and culture sector in the city, providing a physical and intellectual space in which to create and accept challenges.

Alan Butler, "Come Together", HD Video, 10min 40sec, 2013
Alan Butler, “Internet Uber Alles”, Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable, 2012, Photo: Davey Moor
Katsushika Hokusai, “Ao Fugi”, Woodblock print, 26.5 x 39.5cm, c. 1830, and Alan Butler, “An Icon of Public Significance”, HD Video, 12min 50sec, 2014
Alan Butler, “The Way It Is For Now 1 & 2”, Bronze-infused Polylactic Acid and Audio Cassette Tape, Dimensions Variable, 2014
Alan Butler, “The Mirror Phase”, Archival Inkjet Ink on Wallpaper, Archival Inkjet Ink on 300psm Paper, Acrylic Paint, Frame, Dimensions Variable, 2014
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