Office d'Art Contemporain

Turku, Turku, Belgium

L’ Office d’Art Contemporain intends to present in the international arena the work of visual artists working in the French Community of Belgium and Brussels, the capital of Europe. This project was initiated 4 years ago the summer of 2009 at Rauma Art Museum and it then moved to Galleria Maaret Finnberg in Turku (Finland) and later to Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm in February 2011.


The artists of L’ Office d’Art Contemporain with whom I have co-operated already for a long time have different origins: Germany, Portugal, France, Finland, Spain, Wallonia and Brussels. These artists have their own artistic and social networks that form the current network of L’ Office d’Art Contemporain.

The exhibition explores various tendencies in artistic expression, bringing together a range of individuals whose immersion in the contemporary art world leaves the visitor free to move in the world of each artist.

Jean-Marie Stroobants, director


Our artists are: Isabel Baraona, drawing, Marcus Bering, installation, objects, David Clément, seriprints, Dany Danino, drawing, Jacques Dujardin, painting, Benoît Félix, Marco Dessardo video, Petri Hytönen, watercolour, Alice Janne, painting, Mikko Paakkola, painting, Juan Paparella, drawing, Manuel Alves Pereira, happening, photo, Jean-Marie Stroobants, painting.


Jacques Dujardin "sans titre", pork caul and pigments on canvas, 2007. Photo: Office d'Art Contemporain
Isabel Baraona "Waiting for happiness", ink on paper 2011. Photo: Office d'Art Contemporain
Marcus Bering "sans titre", painted steel, 2012, Photo: Office d'Art Contemporain
David Clément "Be quiet", seriprint 2012, Photo: Office d'Art Contemporain
Dany Danino "Profile of the hippocampus", ballpoint pen and ink on paper 2012, Photo: Office d'Art Contemporain
Petri Hytönen "Fishing", Watercolour and resin on paper, 2012, Photo: Petri Hytönen
Alice Janne: "number 182", acrylic and gouache on paper, 2012. Photo:Office d'Art Contemporain
Juan Paparella "sans titre", mixed media on paper, 2010, Photo: Office d'Art Contemporain
Manuel Alves Pereira "Me is another seven errors", photograph 2012, Photo: Manuel Alves Pereira