Off Limits

Madrid, Spain

Off Limits is a contemporary and independent art space located in the multicultural neighborhood of Lavapiés (Madrid). It is a place for exhibitions and debate that investigate and propose ways to alter contemporary reality. Off Limits is run by Maelström - a cultural association that gets advice from a committee composed of artists, curators, academics and cultural operators. All the activities programmed by the association are public and free.

Off Limits produces and exhibits contemporary culture, focusing mainly on social and political art. Their aims are to investigate contemporary cultural reality, to create projects for and by the Lavapiés neighborhood, and to develop a lively public programme. In addition to producing its own events Off Limits programs a variety of activities including workshops, residencies, lectures, film screenings, live art and performance.

For SUPERMARKET 2012 Off Limits presents the second edition of “6 EURO BUDGET”. Subtitled ‘Artistic Practices and Precariousness’ this Spanish/Swedish collaboration is a creative response to the increasingly precarious position of many artists. It is based on the idea that it is important to show that artists have the ability to generate projects and ideas, even under less favorable conditions but that it is also important to draw attention to the need to change these circumstances, and develop more flexible working structures that support creativity and observe more closely the needs and realities of contemporary artists. The exhibition is a co-production together with the Spanish Embassy in Stockholm.

Cabello/Carceller, the exhibition curators are an artists’ team formed by Helena Cabello and Ana Carceller. They have worked together since 1993 and have expanded their artistic practice through collaborative writing, critical theory, teaching and curatorship.

Selected artists in Sweden by Cabello/Carceller and Estelle af Malmborg: Dorinel Marc, Petra Ober, Pacoco Gil, Maria Lilja, Andrea Hvistendahl, Solveig Lindgren Inderbitzin / Joanna Thede.

Artists in Spain selected by a jury composed of Cabello/Carceller, Jesús Carrillo and Off Limits: Ángela Cuadra, Díaz y Gimeno, Núria Güell, Jana Leo, Momu&NoEs, Daniela Ortiz, Alejandra Valero, [E.G+Y.M].

Ignacio Chavarri, “6 Euro Budget”