Nulobaz Cooperative Art Space

Tel Aviv, Israel

19 Zvulun
6652419 Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel

Three artists from Nulobaz gallery are joining in the spirit of Josef Kowner (b.1895), a prolific painter who survived the holocaust and after the war immigrated to Sweden. He continued making art in Kalmar until his death in 1967. Each artist will be dealing with their personal take on the subject of immigration as well as estrangement. Avi Levin is a photographer who examines the Israeli society and its multi layered character. He focuses on immigration and the dreams behind it. Rakefet Viner Omer is a feminist, interdisciplinary, bad painting painter. Her feverish artistic world looks upon human whims with an amused, forgiving air. Elyasaf Kowner is a multidisciplinary artist who specializes in painting and video art. He often focuses on transformation. Josef Kowner was his great uncle.

Elyasaf Kowner, 'Dreaming in The Hague #6', oil on canvas, 103*134 cm, 1997
Elyasaf Kowner, 'Bay of Sad Eye', oil on canvas, 52*86 cm, 2019
Rakefet Viner Omer, 'Mother Fucker Poet', mixed media, 180x200 cm 2017
Rakefet Viner Omer, 'Untitled with Hanging Cats', mixed media, 150x250 cm, 2016
Avi Levin, 'Sunset on the Yarkon River', archival pigment print, 30x45 cm, 2008
Avi Levin, 'Exodus & The Promised Land', archival pigment print, 30x45 cm, 2012