Nulobaz cooperative art space

Tel Aviv, Israel

19 zvulun st'
6299521 Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel

In order to adapt to the delicate social fabric, we humans must restrain and refine our impulses. Between the domesticated and the wild, the animalistic, what emerges from the body exists within an in-between space, a twilight zone that always accompanies existence while hiding from consciousness. Radical states such as sickness, death, war, refuge or mental illness – states in which all meaning collapses – reveal what lurks in the shadows, what hides in the unconsciousness, bringing to the fore the horror of being taken out of humanity.

Shony Rivnay, Untitled, 160X190 cm, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 2022
Nuli Omer, La Dolce Vita, 50X30 cm, 2020 Embroidery
Meir Sidi, Unkown, 24X30 cm, crayons on paper photo, 2012
Rakefet viner omer, untitled (pink angel) after The Duino Elegies, oil pastel, ink and pen on paper, 50x35 cm, 2019
Rakefet viner omer, untitled (after The Duino Elegies), oil pastel, pen and ink on paper 35x50 cm, 2019
Tamar simon, Muhammad, 26x36 cm, pen on paper, 2022