Nulobaz cooperative art space

Tel Aviv, Israel

19 zvulun st'
6299521 Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel

Nulobaz is a cooperative art space, located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Established in 2017, the gallery hosts exhibitions and event and seeks to enable innovative art and experimental actions and collaborations.
At supermarket 2021, Nulobaz presents a video art collection by some of the gallery’s artists: Adi Argov, Avi Levin, Ami Raviv, Giyora Bergel, Rakefet viner omer, Shahd Zoubi, Elyasaf Kovner and Shony Rivnay.
These works reveal different aspects of dealing with the complex concept of the Israeli experience.

Rakefet Viner Omer, ‘the return of the murderous lady’, frame from video, photography: Ohad Milstein, 2009.
Adi argov, ‘Trees’, frame from video, 2008