Lisbon, Portugal

Rua da Cruz dos Poiais 6
1200-134 Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal

NowHere is an artist-run space based in Lisbon focused on experimental environment for art. For Supermarket we join forces with EULENGASSE, in Frankfurt, to present the works of Dárida Rodrigues and Duda Affonso (NH) and Barbara Bux and Gozde Ju (EUL). Our proposal “On the urgency of dreaming” embraces art works that addresses the role of the dreams and imaginaries as an emancipating and resisting tool against the expanding non-stop processes of 21st century capitalism and extractivisms pushing us and other beings into constant activity and eroding forms of community and political expression, as well as damaging the fabric of everyday life. The audience can become part of an immersive experience curated by Cristiana Tejo (NH) and staged by Vládmir Combre de Sena and Harald Etzemüller (EUL)

fóssil e mar large ©️ 2023 Duda Affonso
Hip ©️ 2023 Dárida Rodrigues
Laniakea 1 ©️ 2021 Barbara Bux
Life Among Us 1 ©️ 2024 Gözde Ju

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