Moscow, Russian Federation

Bukhvostova st. 12/11 building 5
107076 Moscow
Moscow, Russian Federation

NONSNS is an independent self-organization of three artists. Our artist-run space is located on the territory of NIIDAR (Scientific and Research Institute of Long-Distance Radio Communications) Moscow. Initially from 2016 to 2019 we’re working together as part of a larger art team of 14 people (named APXIV) in the same space. In 2019 APXIV was divided and a NONSNS appeared. In our works we focus on the artistic process and try to get away from the standard approach to exhibition practices.

"Supermarket of successfulness" Our agents of NONSNS self-organization researched the topic of the artist success and came to the conclusion that the presence of artist's works in the museum gift shop on a large number of souvenir products can be considered as the peak of the artist’s success in the career. This is the case when an artist goes beyond the frames of the art work and spreads like a virus on a material of different trinkets and souvenir stuff, becoming part of everyday life. So in their project NONSNS artists decided to go right to the top of their careers and present a souvenir shop (where typical souvenirs are displayed) at the Supermarket art fair.

Life size puppets (performative part of the stand)
Sample layout of the stand