Niigata Eya

Niigata-shi, Japan

1864, 10-bancho, Kamiokawamae-dori,Chuo-ku
951-8068 Niigata-shi
Niigata-shi, Japan

Niigata city is a city that was originally formed as a port in the mouth of the Shinano-River, the longest river in Japan, in sixteen Century.
Now, the river width became narrow, and Niigata is no more vibrant as a port.
But still, lots of memories of each era remain.
Our gallery "Niigata-Eya"- a Japanese traditional wooden house- is one of such memories, it is located on a corner of the downtown.
"Niigata Eya" was established by 9 members with various background and professions in 2000 aiming to make a place like a small port where diverse artistic expressions call at - likewise as the old Niigata city that big and small ships from rivers and oceans had gathered. > Since 2005, We operate an old traditional Japanese style house located in closer to the ocean, as a small museum, it called "Sakyukan". At Sakyukan, we enjoy exciting experiences that a traditional old house to transform into a space for modern arts expressions.

Niigata- EYA


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