Nieuwe Vide

Haarlem, Netherlands

Minckelersweg 6
2031 EM Haarlem
The Netherlands
Haarlem, Netherlands

Nieuwe Vide consists of an exhibition space, artists' studios and a project space. There are 25 studios, where artists and creatives work. We collaborate with these artists and creatives whenever possible. Through our exhibitions we combine young and upcoming artists with more established names. For young artists this is a good way to expand their network. We provide young artists with a space to experiment, which gives them tools to professionalise their practice and helps launch their career. Our programme of exhibitions, workshops and talks addresses a diverse range of topics, but is mainly inspired by elements from popular culture, new media and politics. True to our squatters roots twenty-five years ago we are socially engaged. We operate on a community level and offer a diverse programme of educational and social activities, such as a weekly lunch with artists and local residents and a professional art training course for teenagers.

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