Nieuwe Vide

Haarlem, Netherlands

Minckelersweg 6
2031 EM
2031 EM Haarlem
The Netherlands
Haarlem, Netherlands

Nieuwe Vide is an art and project space in Haarlem. Next to the exhibition space we also host artists’ studios in the building. We focus on counterculture and show international artists. Nieuwe Vide presents at Supermarket 2018 the video-installation Lottery of Hunger by Brazilian artist Bernardo Zanotta. In his recent work Bernardo investigates the act of cannibalism and its relation to queer historicising. Departing from a wide-range of references abridging film history, classical opera, and counterculture – the artist creates a hybrid narrative revolving around the stories of three survivors from a shipwreck and the lottery of bodies in which they participate – while questioning notions of performativity, iconography and representation.

Image Bernardo Zanotta 6
Image Bernardo Zanotta 5
Image bernardo Zanotta 4
Image Bernardo Zanotta 3
Image Bernardo Zanotta 2
Image Bernardo Zanotta 1
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