New Media Society / Va Space

Tehran / Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Roodaki st
1585845591 Isfahan
Tehran / Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

New Media Society is a research platform for promoting new media arts in Iran. NMSs approach is to be as inclusive as possible to maximize outreach, include and initiate collaborations with existing infrastructures, network of artists and professionals. NMS is designed to create an open source archive of New Media, a study room, an equipped work space and a meeting room for artists, researchers and scholars. It aims to bridge the gap between new media artists and their potential enthusiastic audience. NMS wishes to promote interdisciplinary approaches and create a context for practices that take place at the intersections of art, science and technology. It is geared towards video art, sound art, and new media. The society as a hub / mediator focuses on empowering smaller projects across the country and tries to voice their activities in the international art scene, by organizing collaborative educational projects.

New Media Society is a project space, archive and library dedicated to New Media Arts. NMS acts as a hub and mediator for several emerging project spaces across the country.
At Supermarket 2016 NMS presents Va*, a project space from the city of Isfahan, Iran, founded in winter 2014. Va has no physical space, but defines itself through events. It moves around different artists’ studios, private-house-basements, galleries, and other artist-run spaces in the city. Va also utilizes technology in order to bend spaces and juxtapose of different locations by Skype talks and lectures.
*In Persian, ‘Va’ equal to ‘And’ in English, used as a function word to join one finite word to another so that together they are logically equivalent to an infinitive of purpose.

Va_ Part of an installation_Palas Number Zero_2016