The Hague, Netherlands

The Hague, Netherlands

Since 2007 Nest presents an exhibition programme in its monumental space, aimed to maintain and stimulate the relationships between the artist, the artwork and society. The programme mostly consists of theme-based group shows derived from dialogue between Nest and external parties.
Exhibitions present local, national and international artists often combined within an extensive, well-produced presentation. One Nest Stands offer the chance to new curators, collectives and artists to experiment with low budget presentations of one evening.
The exhibition programme is accompanied by an extensive educational programme which aims to stimulate both participation and appreciation. NestTV offers an introduction to the projects of Nest and aims to invoke curiosity for the subjects dealt with. The online Nest shop provides starting collectors and art lovers with the possibility to buy art by talented artists at a reasonable price.
The work on display at Supermarket by Feiko Beckers was originally part of the exhibition Narcissistic Tendencies, in which the role of the ego of the artist was investigated through the work of Philip Akkerman, Feiko Beckers, Gil & Moti, L.A. Raeven, V&B, Puck Verkade and Guido van der Werve.
The ego of Feiko Beckers is clearly present in his work. His narrative and slightly absurd performances deal with his specific personal reflections which form his attitude towards life and personal relationships. His installations are often the original podium for his performances but also act as the final format for
presentations, thus successfully allowing him to cross the barrier between the performative moment and the documentation of the performance.

Nest is an independent exhibition space in The Hague, Netherlands. Shows at Nest focus on specific themes which are being investigated through the work of local, national and international artists.

Nest projects not only look at the artist and his or her work but also pay attention to the role of artists and artworks within their social and functional context in society.

Jeroen Jongeleen “Idiots”, spraypaint and wooden panels, 2012, courtesy Upstream Gallery
littlewhitehead “Calderbank”, reclaimed council playground, 2012
Una Knox “When What becomes Who”, video, 2009
Clara Palli Monguilod “Strange Revelations”, video, 2010
Una Knox “When What becomes Who”, video, 2009
l: Jeroen Jongeleen “Lulverhaal”, spraypaint and wooden panels, 2012, courtesy Upstream Gallery, r: littlewhitehead “Calderbank”