Oulu, Finland

Asemakatu 37
90100 Oulu
Oulu, Finland

Neliö-Galleria, an art gallery located in Oulu, Finland, is the oldest art gallery in Northern Finland. The gallery was founded in 1985. In September 2018, the gallery changed to artist-run, and visual artist, painter Kirsi Tervo started as the new gallerist. At the same time, Neliö-Galleria took a step towards a more international program and activity by starting cooperation with international artists and artist groups as well as artist-run spaces and galleries. Through the cooperation, the gallery brings new interesting contemporary art to Northern Finland and offers local artists opportunities to present their work in even more international arenas.

Neliö-Galleria, located in Oulu, is one of the oldest private artist-run galleries in Northern Finland. In 2018 gallery took a step towards more international program and activities by starting cooperation with international artists as well as artists-run spaces and galleries. The aim is to bring interesting contemporary art to Northern Finland, and to offer opportunities for local artists to present their work in international arenas.
At Supermarket Neliö-Galleria presents the works of two artists Minna Kangasmaa and Tuomo Kangasmaa.
Minna Kangasmaa's practice explores human-nature interactions. Her works are sculptures and installations. Tuomo Kangasmaa focus on essayistic expression by using different techniques and medias. His works combines digital and analog film, photographs, sound, text, collages.
The theme of the works is the environment in a broad sense. Geographically location is in the north without precise definition. The environment is personal at the level of experience and political in the community context. Personal experience of the environment threatens to be lost among different plans, arguments, trends and ideologies. The starting point of the works is a personal experience of the environment, seeing the usual and familiar anew. The works have taken shape from the echoes of the past and the traces that human has left behind.

Tuomo Kangasmaa, Botanical Garden, photograph, Pigment print, 67 x 45 cm, 2022
Minna Kangasmaa, In Progress, Photographs and plaster sculptures, 2022
Tuomo Kangasmaa, Traces, photograph, Pigment Print, 120 x 120 cm, 2022
Minna Kangasmaa, Scream of the Butterfly II, silk, vitrine table, insect needles, insect box, sound, video, 2017
Minna Kangasmaa, Musta tuntuu III (detail), burnt wood, wood, plywood, 2017