Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Skomakargatan 3
111 29 Stockholm08 20 60 84

Nationalgalleriet is run by an artistic collective based on non-commercial principles. The gallery does not have any specific artistic or ideological programme, but tends to like artists with an attitude. It is best known for its satirical group shows where absurdity is mixed with social comment. The solo shows are varied, from highbrow to subversive underground. Nationalgalleriet has it all! Exciting fistfights, horror, politics, satire, sex (including nude scenes), magic, psychology, violence, slapstick, special effects, and yes, art.

This year’s show is called Ubåtsdöden, "Submarine Death". Inexplicable disappearances of submarines have been reported and obscure sources claim that submarine staff have died mysteriously. Swedish marine investigators have dubbed these ubåtsdöden. These phenomena have not yet been officially confirmed.


Exhibiting artists 2013:

Hasse Lindroth, Ulf Rahmberg, Dan Wedergren, Edvard Derkert, Margon Lindberg

Helena Widén, Bengt Jahnsson – Wennberg, Jonas Vängestrand, Michael Richter, Anette Folkesdotter, Anton Engwall, Bitte Richardsson, Tobbe Berg , Erling Johansson , Ulla nordenskjöld, Ulf Frödin, Max Mårten Aspegren, Åsa Jacobson, Patrik Strömdahl, John Rasimus, Kent Andersson, Fredrik Lindberg, Kathrin Diestel

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